It’s true when they say that women carry the power of nurturing. The most compassionate people to walk the face of earth, women bring with them enormous potential, skill and dedication. This is reflected in everything they do so beautifully that it is almost incredible to imagine how far they could go. 

Uttarakhand is a place full of diversity. Not only are we diverse in people, but also in our agriculture and food habits. Bringing it together to maximise productivity and enhance growth have always been the driving factors. This mission is carried out at Hillpure Organic through our wonder women who leave no stone unturned and work days and nights in the field to bring to you a product of superior quality and best price. 

The approach that a woman can bring in an organisation is the backbone of Hillpure organic, a brand that supports and uplifts the empowerment of women and makes them believe in themselves even more. 

Our female workforce is one of a kind and assists in everything from farming to marketing our products to the audience. We are proud to say that through our business, we have bought out multiple women who were earlier inside their shell and unable to reach the eyes of the world through what they do each day. 

Realising the enormous potential of women farmers requires a gender-specific and gender-sensitive strategy to adapting best practices in agriculture and tackling structural disparities. A competent and skilled female force can help to double the income of farmers. Millions of people’s lives will be improved if women are given more opportunities to engage in agriculture and are given equal access to those opportunities, something that we support and contribute towards wholeheartedly.